Your Body is Amazing!!

Has anyone told you lately your body is amazing? They should. It is. Really – your body rocks. Yes … I am talking to you. I know what you are doing … right now you are thinking of all the flaws you have. Maybe you feel like you need to lose a few pounds, tighten up, or maybe some things aren’t where they used to be (hello gravity!) It doesn’t matter … your body is still amazing and you should appreciate it.

Why do I say that and how do I know that? Let me give you some examples!

If you are a mom – Wow! You produced another human being and that’s pretty amazing. Sure some things may have changed as a result of pregnancy and child birth but look at what you accomplished!

Did you take a Pilates class this week? How great is it that your body can bend, flex, and stretch like that? Not everyone can. Don’t take it for granted.

Do you have arms and hands that can hug and comfort a friend or family member? That’s important. The world needs bodies that can do that.

Ever strained a muscle or broken a bone? Well I bet your wonderful body healed again didn’t it? That’s impressive. When Barbie broke a leg … she didn’t heal.

Caught in the rain and made a mad dash across a parking lot or leapt over a puddle. Your talented body was there for you and ready when you needed it to step up and pick it up!

I could keep going but I bet you get the picture. We ask a lot of our bodies and they respond. If we are healthy enough to walk, move, and go about life – that’s pretty great. Even when we abuse our bodies with bad food, too much alcohol, or a sedentary life, our bodies are willing and able to bounce back if we work at it.

Maybe it’s time we started looking at all our body can do and stopped focusing on our perceived flaws. Maybe it’s time we put in the effort and reap the rewards of working out and eating right. Age is a number not an excuse. Let’s celebrate our bodies instead of berating them!

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