Something to Brag About!

pilates_0254Earlier today, I sat down to begin working on this blog and the ideas were not coming to me. So I procrastinated by listening to a Ted Talk on Time Management (that irony is not lost on me ;-))  It was a short 12 or so minute talk by a time management expert and she posed the question, “What three things will you boast about on next year’s Christmas letter to family and friends?”  I found that to be an interesting question. Most of us have goals or hopes for the future, but do we have a timeline? Are we doing anything to see our goals achieved by the end of the year?

It’s mid March already which means we are already 3 months into the year. It’s gone fast! Your new year’s resolutions may be a thing of the distant past. Maybe you are making changes for Lent? How’s that going? If you think about the finish line as December, there is still over three-fourths of the year left to make it happen! Even if you have not started yet, time is on your side.

I got to thinking about what I’d want to write about in my Christmas letter. I’m pretty sure it’s not any of the following:

  • How many shows on Netflix I’ve watched
  • How much time I’ve spent holding down the sofa
  • The times I let fear keep me from taking a chance
  • How I let anger ruin my day
  • The times I got pulled into other people’s drama and negativity

But just maybe it is:

  • The Pilates training I was nervous about attending but signed up anyway. How I learned so much from it in addition to making new Pilates friends.
  • The vacation to somewhere new that I had to save up for but loved every minute of exploring a new place, recharging and trying out a new culture
  • Some of the books I’ve read and all the interesting things I’ve learned
  • The people I have met when I took chances and chose kindness and happiness not gossip and feelings of life isn’t fair. (It isn’t by the way … some times you get more than you deserve when you aren’t consumed with measuring how you stack up!)
  • The Trail Race series I completed and how I accomplished my goal.

I like this idea of what will I be proud of at the end of the year. I like having a time limit and actionable goals. I encourage you to join me in thinking ahead about what may be on your Christmas letter.

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