Honor Yourself and Work Hard

Honor yourself, work hard and good things will happen.

Twice today in the span of a couple hours, Pilates students have said some version of this to me. It began with a student telling me, as someone who is also self- employed herself, this is the advice she gives her grown children. She said there is not a magic formula or secret tip – it’s focusing on the positive, moving forward, doing good work, and opportunities come. We happened to be talking about a couple good opportunities I have had lately and she said that was proof I was doing the right things. ūüôā

Later that day while talking with a friend, I mentioned another unexpected bit of good fortune, and she said in honoring ourselves we are repaid with good things. In this case a Pilates student put in a good word for me without me realizing it and it paid off. I could not have created that opportunity myself had I tried!

Five years ago when I was starting my Pilates studio, another friend told me positive attracts positive. I’ve found that to be true.

What does all of this mean? For me it means worry less. Spend less time trying to force things and focus on the good at hand. Be someone in business that people will want to speak highly of – that kind of marketing is priceless. Take the extra moment to listen or instruct or engage. Be a person first and a professional second. Rules are important but don’t lose sight of the human side of things. I am reminded that it can take a lot of courage for a student to come try Pilates for the first time. It’s my responsibility to make that first time welcoming, comfortable, and encouraging.

I am also reminded of a few years ago when I had a private Pilates class scheduled and broke my arm the afternoon before. I had to cancel and was not within the window of the cancellation policy – I expected to pay. The instructor kindly would not accept payment but offered to meet with me briefly if I wanted. I believe by¬†honoring the rules on my end and compassion on the Pilates instructor’s end a bad situation was made better. I could have called and asked for a refund stating a medical emergency … and I presume I would have been granted one but would have missed the opportunity to meet with the teacher who remains someone I follow for mentoring. Our relationship would be different or possibly non-existant at this point.

Sometimes it is the little things that make an impression or change how a person’s day is going. We aren’t always aware of how we touch others. At¬†times when good fortune comes our way, we are shown by the kind acts of others.

This holiday season while it’s easy to get grumpy and lost in the shuffle – do good, honor yourself, and keeping moving forward. You don’t know when or how or where but good just may come your way.



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