Why I Love Being a Student

I am a PMA Certified Pilates Instructor. I own a studio. I teach classes for a living. I have the luxury of having a fully equipped studio to play in when I am not working. I really enjoy hopping on a reformer, a chair or the tower and moving. I love choosing the movements I feel my body needs that day. I like challenging myself, exploring choreography, and spring choice. Some days I just want to stretch and lengthen and soothe my body after a hard run. I often turn the music off and just listen to what I feel in my body. Could anything be more perfect or rewarding than that?

Guess what – some times I just want someone else to tell me what to do! At times I really love being a student. Why when I have a Pilates playground and training with in reach? Because I enjoy the unexpected challenge that comes from a new instructor. I enjoy the new cues, the different choreography, the subtle changes to a movement and so much more. My body loves the unexpected, too. Whether we mean to or not we gravitate to what we are good at. We may work some on what we are not good at but we spend most of our time where we excel. In a class – I don’t call the shots. I don’t pick the workout. I may be faced with a new challenge or movement I don’t feel particularly great at … which opens up the opportunity for me to grow, learn, and just maybe succeed in a new way. I may not succeed right away .. but I will come home with something to work on.

Being a student allows me to really just focus on me. I am not thinking about how this movement will fit in class. I am thinking about me and my body. I am not choosing the springs – I am following a direction. And at times, I am not the best student! This happens when you think you know … you tend to jump ahead. So it’s a good reminder for me to be patient and take direction. Allow the teacher to lead. It’s a good chance for me not to be in charge!

I believe all teachers should remain students. This is how we learn. This is how we take care of ourselves as well. This is good for our mental and emotional health. This is good for training and technique. At times I walk away from a class with a list of movements and cues I want to incorporate in my teaching. Other times, I am reminded why I teach how I do and reaffirmed with my style versus another style.

Whether you are a teacher or student with equipment at home, be a student from time to time. Your body will be stronger and grateful for the challenge!

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