McEntire Pilates Summit 2017

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the McEntire Pilates Summit 2017 in Rochester, Michigan. This was my second year participating. This year, I was looking forward to reconnecting with Pilates friends made last year. I was also looking forward to the varied content offered and let’s be honest getting out of the hot, humid Tennessee weather for a weekend, too 😉

Trent McEntire, the organizer, started off his introduction this year by stating one of the reasons he hosts this summit is to promote community amongst Pilates Instructors. I’m here to say he is succeeding. Last year at the Summit, I walked away with new friends and new colleagues. These relationships have extended beyond just a weekend spent together. This past year I have learned, shared, connected and laughed with this Pilates community online. Working alone, I feel I have a team because of this community. And this year I was excited to see my ‘team’ again and add to this team. 2017 did not disappoint!

This year I attended sessions on Pilates for Parkinson’s Disease, Pilates for Fibromyalga, Brain Speed and Aging, as well as the Human aspect to Teaching. We moved, we danced, we socialized and we learned from each other. Pilates teachers from nine different states attended. I even met a woman from my old hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Not everyone is at the same place in their practice but everyone was open to learning, teaching and embracing what was offered by the presenters and fellow students. It was a very collaborative experience. Weekends like these recharge me, excite me, and remind me why I do what I do. All of that alone was enough to refill my Pilates Cup of Joy.

BUT – my cup runneth over … my mentor Trent McEntire presented me with the Leo Medallion Award for Leadership in Pilates!! I was surprised and so honored to receive this award and recognition. Trent explained he has been watching what I am doing in Tennessee and sees what I am sharing and offering. He said he knows it is not easy to go it alone but wanted to acknowledge the good work I was doing. Wow! To receive that sort of validation from someone I look up to is just so encouraging and thrilling! (I might be floating on the ceiling for a while – so feel free to pull me back down to earth in class ;-))

I think we could all use that sort of validation from time to time – to know that we make a difference and what we do counts. Having this experience and feeling as good as I do about it, reminded me I can do a better job of giving validation back to you. Whether it is simply acknowledging progress made by you in class or appreciating your efforts to make it to class despite a hectic schedule, I can give that to you. So I am coming back in the studio this week with new tricks in my little bag, renewed passion, and a desire to share that with you as well. Watch out 12South Pilates – we are going to make it great this week!





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