Back to the Basics

There is so much pressure to be or do the latest thing.  Whether that’s keeping up with trendy fashion or the latest workout… who wants to be so 2008?  It’s easy to get caught up in the quest for new.  And sometimes new is really good!  I’ve picked up new moves, new teaching techniques and new cueing from trying other classes, reading articles and talking with my fitness peers.  But sometimes new is simply different and not necessarily better.

Today I went back to the basics.  I pulled out my pilates training manual and did a refresher on the why and how of pilates.  I refreshed myself on modifications for injuries and muscle groups.   Going back to the basics reminded me why I fell in love with pilates and why I believe it’s an excellent workout for just about everyone.

Next step- back to basics workout!  I hit the reformer and focused on the classic moves.  But classic moves done as perfectly as I could! I’ve always said- if pilates is easy- you probably aren’t doing it right!  I’m a firm believer in knowing the why of each move… what muscles am I working and what is the purpose of the movement?  How should I feel this movement and how would I explain this to a pupil?  My back to basics workout was anything but basic …or easy!

Next time I’m feeling pressure to do something ‘new’ … I’m going to remind myself just how good the basics really are.  Pilates has been around for 85 years… with staying power like that … who am I to question?

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