New Class – New Moves

Today I cashed in a groupon and tried out a class at another studio here in Nashville.  Lucky me- I was the only person in the class so I was treated to a private session.  Talk about a great deal!!

I enjoy trying new instructors as I always learn something new.  Whether it’s a verbal cue or a variation on a movement and a sequence to movements.  It’s motivating to me to think about pilates in a different way and how I might incorporate this new information into my classes.  As a teacher I believe it’s important to to also remain a student.

As Joseph Pilates believed – Pilates is about continual improvement.  There is no end point – it’s  a journey to a stronger body, mental awareness and a balanced mind.

I challenge  each of you to try something new this week – whether it’s a class, instructor or movement.

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