2012 – Off to a Good Start or Not?

It’s the second day of the new year and a new year that I am optimistic about! Every year I make a list of things I’d like to accomplish. Some are big – last year planning a trip to Europe was on the list – success!  And some are trivial – replacing the furnace filters and cleaning out my email box – success but it’s time to do it again. None the less it becomes my to do list for the year. Today I woke up ready to go!  Here’s a little sampling of how my day has gone…

I decided today would be the day I would get all my business paperwork filed and submitted. After spending a few hours researching and filing out forms, I made a quick call to the State business office – only to find out they are closed today. So this will have to wait until tomorrow unfortunately.

Next I diverted my energies to finishing a sewing project – adding a border to my living room and dining room curtains. I had started this the other day and run out of time. I had only finished one of the four panels. It looks a bit odd with one cream panel having a foot of black trim and the rest without. About 6 inches into sewing the first seam – I ran out of black thread. I discovered – I apparently like to buy navy blue thread but not black because I have 3 spare spools of navy but no black! So… this will have to wait til I can pick up more black thread all the way across town at Joann’s Fabrics.

Next I headed into the bathroom and was straightening up when I shattered an entire bottle of OPI “Quarter of a Century Cherry” Nail Polish (bright red) on my bathroom floor. The result – it looks like a CSI crime scene in my bathroom. I don’t know if nail polish remover is sold by gallon jug but I’ll be heading out to the store soon and hoping so! And in the process of trying to cleaning up with what little remover I had- I sadly managed to ruin my manicure.

It would be really easy to throw in the towel today and focus on all I didn’t accomplish and what went wrong. I could even go so far as to say – this year is not starting off well at all! But I’m not going to do that. I’m going to head to the gym – and get a good workout. Doing something that is good for me always makes me feel better and gives me a good perspective. After some cardio and pilates core work – I’m going to celebrate what went right today.

– I finished the paperwork for my business so it’s ready to file tomorrow

– I made my fitness a priority and scheduled time for my workout

– I have everything pinned and ready to go with my curtains and will be able to jump back in once I have black thread.

So while I didn’t accomplish everything I initially planned on today – I certainly made progress and it’s only day 2! I’d say 2012 is off to a good start!

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