Rainy Days

It’s day three of non-stop rain and I’m beginning to feel like a shut in!  I don’t have the skills or motivation really to build an ark …and while, yes I could venture out with an umbrella in tow-  that just makes everything seem more challenging.  So what to do on a rainy day besides watch bad movies?  How about this:  Lay a pilates/yoga mat out and do little bursts of workouts throughout the day.

I’ve been doing roll-ups while I wait for the dryer to buzz.  I practiced balance and standing on one foot while watching Dirty Dancing  – again.  A random plank here and there does wonders for my core, arms and energy.  Doing my workout in little bits and pieces throughout the day makes it seem less like a workout and I actual think cumulatively I do more because I never reach fatigue.  So this rainy day – I’ve managed to get the laundry done, clean house a little, watch a movie and fit in several spurts of workouts.  At the end of the day I not only feel productive and  fit but also relaxed.

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