Christmas Cards

IMG_3069I always send out Christmas cards and I write a personal note in each one. Always. I’m even that annoying person that has them in the mail on December 1st. One year I made the mistake of mailing them right after Thanksgiving and for some folks they arrived before December. I received some ‘hate’ mail that year. Lesson learned.

I love receiving Christmas cards too. I like to see your vacation photos, kids photo, dressed pet photos – funny or serious – I like and appreciate cards. Don’t worry if you don’t send me one back you won’t be removed from the list.  I don’t keep tabs. I like to see pictures of your kids and hear about how your year has been. Or simply to get a card shows you you thought about me and took the time to wish me a Merry Christmas. I think it’s a nice tradition. A chance to take a moment and say hello to friends, some I don’t see very often.

Yes it takes time but for me it’s worth it. I’ve been hanging all of our cards this year on ribbons along our banister. One of my step-sons noticed how many cards we had received and said, “Are some of those from last year?”  I told him no they were all this year. He followed up with, “You don’t know all those people do you?”  I had to laugh.  Yes – we do have lots of people we know and are thankful for in our lives! It was a good reminder for me to take that moment and be thankful for the extended family of friends I have. Whether local or far away, we have true friends who care about us as much as we care about them.

This Holiday, I hope your mailbox is fully of pretty cards, and you are reminded of all the special people in your life!


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