Horrible People

Sadly they are out there. You’ve run into them and so have I. Sometimes it’s the co-worker willing and ready to stab you in the back to advance or the ex-husband bent on remaining miserable, playing the victim and trying to punishing you or the friend who turns out to be anything but. They come in different forms. Sometimes you can spot them right away and sometimes you are blindsided.

I’m lucky though, I have surrounded myself with wonderful people. The good ones make it hard for the bad ones to penetrate my happy bubble! And I like to believe the good far out weigh the bad seeds.

They say to understand someone you need to walk in their shoes. In some cases you may be able to empathize a bit if you look at their perspective. Maybe? But really I think a lot of it comes down to choices and integrity.

You know people who are dealt one hardship after another and still manage to keep smiling – that’s a choice. And you know people who find every reason to complain for a seemingly good life -that’s a choice, too. Who would you rather be friends with?  Who would you rather be?

It’s really quite simple in my book- you can either make the best of it and look for the positive or you can choose to be miserable and horrible. Forget about entitlement. Feeling entitled to things will only make you miserable and disappointed. Earn it and then celebrate your efforts.

Forget about getting even. Is it ever as satisfying as you think it’s going to be? Does it solve anything? Things have a way of righting themselves if you let them and have patiences.

Forget about sinking to their level. What good does that do? It only makes you one of them. Be the bigger person and sleep better at night!

Use your energy for something positive, for self improvement and don’t waste time with horrible people.

This world would be a whole lot better if we just made an effort to be less horrible to one another.” – Ellen Page #Truth

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