This week has been a lesson in patience for me… and if you know me… this is not really my strong suit!

I’ve been waiting to hear back on a proposal, waiting to connect with a friend, waiting for my big race day to come in just one more week, waiting for more clients (if you build it they will come… that’s what Field of Dreams promised me!!) and even just waiting for the mail to arrive. As I type this … I am waiting for my last client of the day’s session to begin and that too has just been pushed out til later in the day!

All this waiting has reminded me – it’s the same when starting an exercise program or setting a fitness goal. Lots of waiting for results! While the folks on the Biggest Loser seem to be able to lose 16 lbs. in a one week, the rest of us can’t do that. We have jobs, food temptations, bad influence friends (happy hour anyone?) and we don’t have access to 24 hour assistance and support. The waiting can be discouraging. It’s hard to stay the course without immediate payoff. And when you add in sore muscles, getting up early to workout and skipping the tasty fried lunch with friends – it’s s wonder anyone succeeds! But how often have you heard someone say “I’m really glad I threw in the towel and gave up!”

Sticking with a workout program or fitness routine will payoff even it it just may try your patience in the process. Instead of focusing on the end goal and how far away that may be – celebrate the small victories along that way. Sticking to your program for a whole week, not hit the snooze button and skipping a morning workout, making a healthy lunch choice … all of these are the little victories that should be applauded and will lead to success down the road…however long that road may be. I’m staying the course and celebrating the fact I’ve been able to use my ‘waiting’ time to cross a few things off my to-do list.

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